FRIDAY, JUNE 9 • 5:00 PM

Israel, 2020/Documentary, 46 minutes/Hebrew w/subtitles/Written and directed by Yulie Cohen

When the Israeli Declaration of Independence was drafted in May, 1948, every word, every comma, every concept led to hours of debate.  In Our Natural Right, the grandchildren of the signers of the Declaration return to the hall in Tel Aviv where the document was signed, to reminisce about their grandparents and the stories they told, and to share their own feelings, often mixed, of pride and concern over the state of their nation seventy-five years on.  Can the descendants of the people who established the state agree on one correct path for Israel?  Our Natural Right raises once again  issues that the State of Israel has never stopped wrestling with, seventy-five years after first attempting to tackle them.

Go2Films- Our Natural Right- Trailer from Go2Films on Vimeo.

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