2021 Guest Speakers

If you missed the conversations we shared with the filmmakers responsible for Double Income Kids, Love It Was Not, Man on the Bus, or The Passengers, or the panel discussion of Shared Legacies: the African American-Jewish Civil Rights Alliance, please check out the links below. Apologies for some of the syncing issues – it’s a Zoom thing!

Eve Ash (Man on the Bus) Eve Ash
(Man on the Bus)
Ryan S. Porush (The Passengers) Ryan S. Porush
(The Passengers)
Maya Sarfaty (Love It Was Not) Maya Sarfaty
(Love It Was Not)
Hendrik Schafer (Double Income, Kids) Hendrik Schafer
(Double Income, Kids)
with “one of the dads,” Alon Gvili
Shared Legacies panel Shared Legacies panel:
Rabbi Ariana Capptauber, Professor Susannah Heschel, Reverend Earl Harris, and
filmmaker Shari Rogers