2020 Guest Speaker Events (via Zoom)

* ZOOM invitation on email with Picture of His Life Vimeo link.

Amos Nachoum is an adventurer, a conservationist of the oceans and their inhabitants, and one of the world’s great underwater wildlife photographers (with a particular penchant for great white sharks and other predatory marine species). He is the founder of BigAnimals Expeditions, and co-founder of Israel’s Marine National Park on the Red Sea. Amos’s award-winning photographic work and essays have appeared in publications the world over. The expedition chronicled in Picture of His Life has been the pinnacle of a dizzyingly lofty career that shows no signs of slowing.
Patrons of our Festival over the years are quite familiar with writer/director Dani Menkin’s documentary work: audience favorites have included three of his films – the Israeli Academy Award-winning 39 Pounds of Love and Dolphin Boy (co-directed with Yonatan Nir), and most recently, On the Map.  When not working on his own projects – including Picture of His Life, which was, all told, ten years in the making – Dani is a speaker and film juror at international festivals around the world, as well as a film professor at universities in the U.S.

THURSDAY, JULY 16, 7:00 p.m. VIA ZOOM*
* ZOOM invitation on email with Mossad! Vimeo link.

Alon Gur Arye is a prolific Israeli comedy writer and director. Over the last decade, he has created, written, and directed hundreds of hours of TV for most major broadcasters. Among his award-winning films are Israeli Intelligence, Operation Egg, and Mossad!   Alon gives lectures and writes a column on cinema history for Ynet, Israel’s most popular news portal.
Tzahi Halevi is a singer-songwriter turned actor, and an Ophir (Israeli Academy Award) winner for his breakout, brooding performance in Bethlehem – one of our Film Festival’s favorites – in 2013. His film and television career has included the feature film, The Kind Words, and the Netflix hit, Fauda.

THURSDAY, JULY 30, 7:00 p.m. VIA ZOOM*
* ZOOM invitation on email with Saul & Ruby: To Life! Vimeo link.

Tod Lending is an Academy Award-nominated and national Emmy-winning producer/director/writer/cinematographer whose cutting-edge films around social justice issues and minorities have aired nationally on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and HBO.  His work has screened theatrically, been televised internationally in Europe and Asia, and has been awarded at national and international festivals.