When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit

SUNDAY, JULY 5, 6:00 PM (streaming for 24 hours, until 6:00 PM, MONDAY, JULY 6)
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Germany/Switzerland, 2019/ Family drama, 119 minutes/German, Swiss German, French w/English subtitles; English/Directed by Caroline Link/Written by Anna Brüggemann and Caroline Link, from the novel by Judith Kerr

To be a 9-year-old Jewish child in Berlin in 1933 is to be like any other 9-year-old child in Berlin at that time – until it’s not.   Anna does not know that her father, a prominent journalist and vocal critic of Adolf Hitler, is in the Führer and his henchmen’s sights as the general election looms; all she knows is that suddenly he is gone, and suddenly the family is leaving behind everything they’ve known and nearly everything they own to seek safety in exile. Based on the true-life experience of children’s author Judith Kerr, When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit highlights another chapter of the European Jewish experience in WWII:  the lives upended, the trauma experienced, and the resilience required to survive, even among those who “got away” before the war began.

Winner:  Best Youth Film, 2020 Bavarian Film Awards; Nominated, Best Children’s Film, 2020 German Film Critics Association Awards