Picture of His Life

WEDNESDAY, JULY 1, 6:00 PM (streaming for 24 hours, until 6:00 PM, THURSDAY, JULY 2) 
THURSDAY, JULY 2, 7:00 PM – ZOOM Special Event – Meet PICTURE OF HIS LIFE’s star and subject, AMOS NACHOUM, and the film’s director, DANI MENKIN 

Israel, US, Canada, 2019/Documentary, 72 minutes/English; Hebrew, Inuktitut w/English subtitles/Written and directed by Dani Menkin and Yonatan Nir

One of the greatest underwater photographers of all time, Amos Nachoum has, for 40 years, fearlessly faced his subjects – crocodiles, killer whales, anacondas, and great white sharks among them – swimming with them, camera at the ready, without protection.  Just one major predator has eluded him – the mighty polar bear – and photographing one underwater has been Amos’s obsession for years, even after the time he tried and barely escaped with his life.  Now, the opportunity has come again, and Amos, aged 65, knows that it’s now or never.  Picture of His Life chronicles both this last ditch attempt high in the Arctic, and this passionate adventurer whose Israeli roots inform the man, and risk-taker, he’s become.  “The Old Man and the Sea, Hollywood-style” – Haaretz

Winner:  Best Documentary, Israel Film Festival; Audience Choice awards: 2019 San Francisco JFF, Syracuse International Film Festival, Gold Coast International Film Festival; Nominated, Best Israeli Film, 2019 DocAviv Film Festival