The Unorthodox


TUESDAY, MAY 14 • 7:00 PM 
THURSDAY, MAY 16 • 2:30 PM see full schedule >

Israel, 2018/Comedy-drama, 92 minutes/ Hebrew, Yiddish w/English subtitles/Written and directed by Eliran Malka  (unrated)

The formation, in 1984, of Israel’s Shas party, an Ultra-Orthodox Sephardic political entity, hardly seems the stuff of comedy.  But The Unorthodox, which tells the tale of Yaakov Cohen, a Sephardic printer who has grown tired of feeling like a second-class citizen in an Ashkenazi culture, has more than its share of wry humor.  Filled with frustration and righteous indignation after his daughter is expelled from school simply for “not fitting in,” Yaakov recruits two friends and, with confidence born of rage and sheer ignorance of how the political game is played, takes on the Establishment in quintessential underdog fashion.  But as a brand-new political animal, the question then remains, can he survive the game?