On My Way Out: The Secret Life of Nani and Popi


DOUBLE FEATURE with Family in Transition

MONDAY, MAY 13 • 5:00 PM 
WEDNESDAY, MAY 15 • 7:30 PM see full schedule >

Canada, 2017/Documentary, 40 minutes/English/Directed by Brandon Gross and Skylar Gross  (unrated)

On My Way Out chronicles the remarkable love story of Roman and Ruth Blank, friends before World War II who each survived the Holocaust, reunited, married, and made a new life together in America.  65 years later, their marriage has been a model for their children and grandchildren, And yet, at age 95, Roman chooses to reveal a secret that he and Ruth have kept from the entire family, a secret that belies all outward appearances and almost defies belief.  Casting a light on the power and complexity of love and marriage, this intimate, personal picture (the filmmakers are Ruth and Roman’s grandsons) ultimately connects with the core values of what make us human beings:  the need and desire to love and be loved, and to be known.