Inside the Mossad


SUNDAY, MAY 12 • 4:00 PM 
THURSDAY, MAY 16 • 4:30 PM see full schedule >

Israel, 2018/Documentary, 90 minutes/Hebrew w/English subtitles/Directed by Duki Dror/Script by Duki Dror and Yossi Melman   (unrated)

15 years after the Holocaust, the capture of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann created the myth of the Mossad, Israel’s foreign intelligence agency.  For years, Mossad agents were perceived as larger than life:  counted on to exact justice for crimes against the Jewish people and the citizens of Israel, no matter where, or no matter how long it took.    For most of its existence, the Mossad has been sealed off from the media.  But when a small window opened under a new director, filmmaker Duki Dror flew in, and was able to speak firsthand to a dozen of Mossad’s former agents, about the organization’s inner workings and their own moral dilemmas.  Inside the Mossad is the remarkable and eye-opening result.