Heading Home: The Tale of Team Israel


MONDAY, MAY 13 • 7:30 PM 
WEDNESDAY, MAY 15 • 2:30 PM see full schedule >

USA/Israel/Japan/South Korea, 2018/Documentary, 91 minutes/English/Directed by Seth Kramer, Daniel A. Miller, and Jeremy Newberger/written by Daniel A. Miller  (unrated)

A team of nice Jewish boys takes on the world in this spirited account of Israel’s participation in the 2017 World Baseball Classic in Seoul, South Korea, and of the men who made up the team.  Historically a non-starter in this prestigious international tournament, Team Israel has been bulked up by a number of Jewish-American Major League players (among them Ike Davis, Sam Fuld, and Jason Marquis), most of whom have a tenuous relationship to their Judaism and have never even been to the country they’re representing.   That is, until now.   Heading Home chronicles the men’s journey to Israel, followed by the WBC contest in Seoul, where, overlaying the team’s natural competitiveness, is a new appreciation of their Jewish identities, and newly found pride in representing Israel on the world stage.

Winner:  Audience Award, Best Documentary- Philadelphia and Washington Jewish Film Festivals

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