A Bag of Marbles


SATURDAY, MAY 11 • 8:30 PM 
TUESDAY, MAY 14 • 4:30 PM see full schedule >

France, Canada, Czech Republic, 2017/Drama, 110 minutes/French, German, Yiddish, Russian, w/English subtitles/Directed by Christian Duguay/Screenplay by Jonathan Allouche and Alexandra Geismer, adapted by Christian Duguay,  Benoît Guichard , and Laurent Zeitoun, from the novel Un sac de billes, by Joseph Joffo.  (unrated)

10- and 12-year-old Joseph and Maurice Joffo, the younger of four sons in a loving French-Jewish family, understand nothing of the politics of German-occupied Paris, 1941.  Their father, Roman, does:  he has already sent his older boys to find safe haven in the “free zone” of Nice, and now it is the children’s turn.   Based on the classic memoir by Joseph Joffo, A Bag of Marbles chronicles the brothers’ fraught journey, as their innocence gives way to ingenuity, their courage is bolstered by unexpected kindnesses, and the boys’ brotherly bond gives them the tenacity to survive any and all obstacles in the way of reuniting with those they love. 

Winner: Audience Award – Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Pittsburgh, San Diego, and Rochester Jewish Film Festivals