The Testament

The Testament


TUESDAY, MAY 15 • 7:15 PM
THURSDAY, MAY 17 • 3:00 PM see full schedule >

Austria/Israel, 2017/Drama, 91 minutes/Hebrew, German, Yiddish, w/ English subtitles, English/Written and directed by Amichai Greenberg (unrated)

Yoel, an Orthodox Jew and international Holocaust researcher, is in a race against time: he must stop an Austrian town from building a real estate development over what Yoel is certain is a mass grave of 200 Jews massacred by the townspeople during the war.  But his focus swerves when, perusing a last cache of classified documents, he unexpectedly discovers a photo of a woman most certainly his mother – identified by another name.  Opening a parallel, equally urgent investigation, Yoel soon has cause to doubt his mother’s Jewish identity, the implications of which, in his own life, are catastrophic.   The Testament is a study of righteousness and of character in a man for whom truth is more important than all else.  

Winner: Israeli Film Competition Award (Full Length Feature), 2017 Haifa International Film Festival

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