My Dear Children

My Dear Children



SUNDAY, MAY 13 • 7:00 PM  see Special Events> 

US, 2017/Documentary, 77 minutes/English/Written by LeeAnn Dance/Co-directed by LeeAnn Dance and Cliff Hackel (unrated – contains violent, graphic images)

The pogroms in the years following the Russian Revolution killed tens of thousands of Jews, nearly obliterating Jewish life in an area to which nearly 80% of world Jewry can trace its roots.  Feiga Shamis, a Jewish mother of 12, wrote about those years in a rare first-hand account, to try to explain to two of her children why she chose to put them on a boat to South Africa and allowed them to be adopted by families there.  While the siblings who remained all died in the Holocaust, Feiga’s choice still proved a tragedy for the two who survived; now, decades later, it is Feiga’s granddaughter who sets out from South Africa for Poland and Ukraine, to try to understand the grandmother she never met and the father who would never talk about his past.

With special guests, producer-writer-director LeeAnn Dance and co-director Cliff Hackel  see special events>


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