Ha’Har (Mountain)

Ha'Har (Mountain)


FRIDAY, MAY 11 • 6:00 PM


Israel/Denmark, 2015/Drama, 83 minutes/Hebrew, with English subtitles/Written and directed by Yaelle Kayam  (unrated – contains sexual situations)

The “mountain” of Ha’Har is the Mount of Olives, outside the Old City of Jerusalem, home to the oldest active Jewish cemetery.  Living on its edge is Tzvia (Shani Klein, Zero Motivation), an Orthodox Jewish woman, who does housework and walks the cemetery each day to break the monotony while her children are at school.  Her husband no longer desirous of her, when the tedium and loneliness spreads to her nights she finds herself escaping, in frustration, up the mountain, where she finds the familiar ground recast as an outpost for casual sexual encounters. Stirred, she is compelled to return and return to this nocturnal, libidinous scene, and before long finds that she has partitioned her world into the dark and the light.  Until she can’t anymore. 

Winner: Special Jury Award, New Director, 2016 San Francisco International Film Festival   

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