Bye Bye Germany

Bye Bye Germany


SUNDAY, MAY 13 • 4:00 PM

TUESDAY, May 15 • 11:00 AM – “ONE JUST FOR ME” screening  see special events >
THURSDAY, MAY 17 • 5:00 PM  see full schedule >

Germany/Luxembourg/Belgium, 2017/Comedy-drama, 101 minutes/German, w/English subtitles, English/Directed by Sam Garbarski/Story by by Michel Bergmann/Screenplay by Michel Bergmann and Sam Garbarski (unrated)

A displaced persons camp in Frankfurt, 1946, provides the backdrop for Bye Bye Germany, the story of David Bermann (Moritz Bleibtreu, My Best Enemy), the charming, fast-talking, sole surviving member of a renowned Jewish family in a (pre-war) Frankfurt drapery business.  David brings together a team of fellow concentration camp survivors to raise the funds to make a fresh start in America; they open a door-to-door linens business, selling their wares to German families through flattery or cajolery, whichever works best.   Business flourishes and everyone makes money, but unbeknownst to the others, David is under investigation for wartime activities that threaten not just his plans for a clean break to America, but his very freedom.

Winner: Audience Award, 2017 Norwegian International Film Festival    

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