The Harrisburg Jewish Film Festival is an independent program under the auspices of the Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg.

Currently celebrating its 23rd season, the Festival is supported by the Harrisburg Jewish Film Festival Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation.  The Jewish Community Foundation supports and secures all of the agencies, programs and activities of the Harrisburg Jewish community.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to enrich the cultural life of the Greater Harrisburg area by presenting films that reflect contemporary and historical Jewish and Israeli experiences.  The Film Festival aims to encourage Jewish and Israeli artistic expression; to foster dialogue, debate and education; and to nurture creativity in the arts through films that represent a broad spectrum of thought and opinion.

2017 Jewish Film Festival Committee:

Julie Sherman, Chair     Ayelet Shanken, Co-Chair

Jared Beitman  •  Seena Chriti  •  Marcia Cohen  •  Rebecca Doctrow  •  Joe Foner  

Barry Gordon •    Arthur Hoffman  •  Jill Parnes  •  Roberta Silver